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Product Engineering

Have a great idea for the next breakthrough product? From prototyping to design to execution, Orange Bees has the expertise you need to bring your idea to market. If your project has gone off the rails at another software development firm, we can rescue it--we’ve done it plenty of times, so we’ve seen it all.

Bring Your Idea to Market

All great products started out as an idea. We’ll help you think through the practicalities of your idea and the technology considerations you will want to take into account. We do extensive user analysis to determine what your users need in a product, and we build minimum viable products (MVPs) that allow you to test your idea in the real world. Finally, when you are ready to hone a market-ready version, we can take you the final stretch.


We embrace agile product development methodology and write robust code that will run smoothly and securely.


From large screens to the one in your pocket, we can make sure that your customers and staff can see what they need to with a clean experience.


We use rigorous internal processes with sophisticated automated testing and deployment to ensure that your solution works the way it needs to, every time.

Maintenance & Support

We offer technical support and maintenance agreements to ensure your software is running correctly, efficiently and securely.


We can help build the roadmap of improvements and new features.

Expand Your Team

Think of us at Orange Bees as an extension of your in-house startup team. We expand your capabilities and add a valuable perspective

Ready to bring your idea to life?

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