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Our services move your business forward.

When you work with Orange Bees, you are not just buying a piece of software. You are streamlining your business processes, investing in customer relationships, or boosting productivity. At the end of the day, you are improving your bottom line.

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Software as an investment

We always start by studying in-depth your particular business so the software we create for you will grow your effectiveness and give you a competitive advantage. Software from Orange Bees is more than just code —it’s an asset that takes your business to the next level.

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Web App Development

When your business grows, the software that worked for your less-complex operations no longer does the job. If your software is struggling to keep up, it’s time for something new that can grow with you. Using software that can take you to your next stage of growth and beyond means you can take advantage of every opportunity you encounter.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile devices are now an integral part of life. Your employees and customers use mobile devices for everything from ordering their morning coffee to depositing a check. Make your software more attractive to use and increase adoption by offering a mobile app. Employees will find work easier, and customers will appreciate the simplicity of doing business with you.

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Data & Analytics

The secret to process improvement and business growth lies in your data. Unlock its power to learn where inefficiencies and bottlenecks lie. When you’re able to make smarter, more informed decisions, you’ll blast through the barriers that are keeping your business from reaching your profitability goals.

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System Integration

One of the biggest causes of business inefficiencies is systems that aren’t fully integrated. If your systems can’t talk to one another, the need for manual involvement slows you down. Boost efficiency and get the most out of your software systems and databases by integrating them seamlessly.

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Product Engineering

Have a great idea for the next breakthrough product? From prototyping to design to execution, Orange Bees has the expertise you need to bring your idea to market. Or, if your project has gone off the rails at another software development firm, we can rescue it (we’ve done it plenty of times, so we’ve seen it all).

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Enterprise Management

You need robust, reliable, and intuitive systems for your complex organization — including ERP and CRM systems. We architect, develop, and maintain core business systems and can serve as either as your out-of-house development team or as advisors to your in-house talent. Say goodbye to inconsistency and inefficiency.

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How We Work

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Our Process

We can meet you at any point in the process or start at the beginning. Whether it's a product, integration or system, we take a disciplined and holistic approach.

We are always learning, striving to be experts in what we do.
We take a holistic approach to get to the root of what you need.
We know that every client is unique - we tailor our process to ensure your success.
We work with you as a partner to ensure the success of not only the project, but of our relationship.
We believe that delivery matters - we deliver what we commit to.
We strive to continually improve our development and internal processes.
We are driven by customer satisfaction.
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Our Engagement

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