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Improving Quality Inspections & Reducing Efforts

BMW Group manufactures millions of premium vehicles per year. To streamline the line-side quality assurance process of vehicle production across all brands and plants, an end-to-end industrialized solution was needed for precise quality inspections that increased inspection accuracy while reducing time, defects, and environmental impacts.

What they were looking for

An automated, robust, and highly available, quality assurance platform that was consistent in inspecting the quality and accuracy of all vehicles in production 24/7.

How we helped

Creation of a scalable and highly available Artificial Intelligence (AI) Quality Inspection (QX) platform that performs real-time visual quality inspections to catch defects and inform quality systems to resolve those defects as early as possible.

The Process

Orange Bees collaborated with the plant manufacturing IT to determine business requirements, and designed, developed, and integrated the AI and Machine Learning (ML) platform for the automotive quality inspection ecosystem within the Plant Spartanburg.


Key Features


The Results

Since the implementation of AIQX, vehicle quality process has been improved by capturing and fixing defects earlier and more efficiently. The platform currently processes over 100k inspections per day, with new inspections rolling out weekly. This has helped reduce efforts tremendously, averaging around 15 seconds per inspection. The rollout of the platform started at the Spartanburg plant and has been implemented in 9 other plants world-wide, with a goal to onboard more plants and reach 2.1M inspections per day.

Inspections processed per day
Average time per inspection
Plants implemented

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