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At Orange Bees, we write world class software; but more importantly, we invent software. When you work with Orange Bees, you are not just buying a piece of software, you are investing in the relationships that you already have with your customers by transforming the way you engage with them. Because we always start by studying your particular business as well as the industry that you are a part of, we are able to create software systems that will provide your company with an enduring competitive advantage. Software from Orange Bees is more than just code, it is a sustaining asset that puts you far ahead of your customers.


Specializing in enterprise scale web and mobile applications. We work with a variety of technology stacks to help you accomplish your goals.

Enterprise Integration

We have extensive experience with complex integration projects. From legacy system integration to ESB / SOA development, we can handle all of your integration needs.

Technology Audits

Technology audits can help bring a new perspective to your projects, SDLC, and operations.

IoT Development

Orange Bees has been developing IoT products for years. We specialize in the areas of manufacturing data collection, home automation, and security.

Big Data

We can help plan, design and operate big data infrastructure. We can also help with data science application programming and visualization.

Cloud Consulting

We can help you with all phases of your company’s cloud strategy; from planning, cost analysis, implementation and ongoing operations.

OBX – Orange Bees Data Exchange

The Orange Bees Data Exchange (OBX) is a SaaS Data Trading Grid use to exchange data between internal systems and external partners.

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OBAPI – Orange Bees Hosted API

The Orange Bees hosted API solution (OBAPI) allows customers to expose internal applications to external partners and customers. We work with several software vendors to provide a hosted API and Data Exchange for their customers.

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