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Improving Application Usability and Functionality

Site Marker, Inc. is based in Mt. Pleasant, SC and provides a location-based land development platform that allows stakeholders to document and report action items from a mobile device in real time. They offer tools such as real-time geolocation, CD map layers, pin action items, and automated reporting.

What they were looking for

They needed a team to help them get through the backlog of features that would improve usability and enhance mobile app offerings.

How we helped

Orange Bees provided a blended team capacity to assist Site Marker in design, development, and deployment for several different initiatives.

Orange Bees and Site Marker worked together in an Agile manner (specifying, prioritizing, developing, delivering, testing, and validating) completing software increments in defined time boxed iterations (2-week sprints). The team met daily to reassess priorities, remove any blockers, and provide updates from one iteration to the next.


Key Features


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