The Orange Bees hosted API solution (OBAPI) allows customers to expose internal applications to external partners and customers. We work with several software vendors to provide a hosted API and Data Exchange for their customers.

Here are some common OBAPI Scenarios:

Commercial Software Vendor

OBAPI can be used by software vendors to quickly get a white-labeled API solution in place for their customers.

Legacy Application Integration

OBAPI can be used to create REST / SOAP API’s to expose data from legacy systems and allow external systems to pass data to legacy systems.

Hosted Enterprise Service Bus

Create an internal Service Oriented Architecture using a hosted instance of OBAPI.


The Orange Bees Data Exchange (OBX) is a SaaS Data Trading Grid use to exchange data between internal systems and external partners. OBX can be used in the following scenarios:

Enterprise Application Integration

  • Complex object exchange
  • Message queuing
  • Message Routing and Pub / Sub Framework
  • In-flight data manipulation / transformation

Traditional EDI

  • X12
  • SAP iDoc

Hybrid Custom

  • External EDI to Internal Application
  • External Application to Internal EDI
  • EDI to JSON / XML
  • JSON or SOAP API’s to Internal EDI or Internal Application
  • Internal Application to Internal Application